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If you’re looking for the premier Sacramento reupholster company, you’ve come to the right place. Our Sacramento reupholstery experts understand the value of traditional workmanship and how it created some of finest furniture ever produced. We bring that same perfectionist’s commitment to the furniture we reupholster, and will help you breathe new life into your most treasured pieces of furniture.

With more than 50 years of Sacramento reupholster and furniture restoration experience, there is little wonder why we are the company of choice for local home and business owners. We offer a free estimate, and boast a selection of more than 10,000 fine fabrics in our mobile showroom. This allows you to pick the fabric you want from your own home, ensuring the best match to your decor and color reliability. If you value quality furniture, then you will appreciate our dedication to excellence, so give us a call and schedule your own Sacramento reupholster estimate appointment.

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Quality Sacramento Furniture Reupholstery For Discerning Tastes

  • We have the largest selection of fine reupholstery fabric in Sacramento, so we can bring your creative ideas to life
  • We are a full service Sacramento custom reupholstery shop and mobile showroom, with over 35 years of interior decorating experience
  • Bring modern comfort to your classic treasures with a huge selection of custom fillings like high-density foam
  • We use traditional methods to restore and reupholster your furniture, including hand-stripping of old finishes
  • Highly Recommended by local Sacramento Customers
  • Ask about our senior reupholstery discounts for Sacramento residents by calling us today for a free estimate

Nobody makes furniture like they did back in the old days. If you appreciate solid-wood furniture built by craftsmen who appreciated quality and understood how to build it, then you already know the true value of your classic and antique pieces. AT EVCO in Sacramento, we take the same pride in our workmanship, and are proud to offer custom Sacramento reupholstery that will make your furniture more durable, beautiful, and comfortable.

Call us today to schedule your own appointment for a free Sacramento in-home estimate, and let us reupholster your furniture by choosing from a selection of over 10,000 different fine fabric samples that we carry in our mobile showroom. We can bring the luster back to your most prized pieces of furniture with modern reupholstery techniques that can also make them more functional in your Sacramento home.

Custom Reupholstery In The Sacramento Area That Provides You With Limitless Options

If your antique sofa or favorite chair is starting to look a little outdated or worn, you need Sacramento reupholstery fabric and cushion filling options that allow you to compliment your decor. AT EVCO, we provide our Sacramento customers with an unrivaled selection of fine upholstery materials, so that any creative spark can be brought to life. We also offer other services in the Sacramento area such as frame and joint regluing, spring retying, and rewebbing, so we will let you know if we think any of this additional work is necessary after removing the old fabric from the piece.

Sacramento Reupholstery Fabrics For Every Application

We carry more than 10,000 fabrics in our mobile Sacramento showroom, which allows you to select material that matches your color scheme and lighting. Often, a fabric’s color in a showroom will look far different in your home lighting, which is what makes the mobile showroom so advantageous.

You will have the freedom to reupholster your furniture in any way you choose. We are proud to offer all sorts of custom fabric patterns, textures, and colors, so that your Sacramento reupholstery job surpasses your expectations.

Sacramento Reupholstery

We offer the following fabric choices, specializing in leathers, chenilles, custom velvets, and commercial grade fabrics. However, there is no substitute for checking them out with your own eyes. Other fabric choices include:

  • Cotton prints
  • Custom leathers
  • Chintz
  • Linens
  • Canvas
  • Denim
  • Tapestries
  • Chenille
  • Antique velvets
  • Mohair
  • Suede
  • Mate lasses
  • Microfiber suede
  • Vinyl

We can also reupholster outdoor furniture.

Enjoy Sitting Down With Cushions That Add Comfort To Your Sacramento Reupholster Job

You can select the finest of fabrics, but your sacramento reupholstery job isn’t complete unless your furniture is comfortable. We offer over 15 different densities of foam, including variations of down fillings and spring units, that will make it even harder to get up out of your favorite easy chair. Foam fillings come in different densities that allow you to customize your reupholster job in numerous ways.

Whether you’re reupholstering an antique chair, settee or making your sofa a little softer or firmer for guests, modern fillings allow you to bring contemporary comfort to classic furniture. We also stock Dacron wrapping and cotton fillers for cushions, and if you’re looking to maximize comfort, consider down filler blends for your Sacramento reupholstery needs.

The Stuff You Can’t See Is Just As Important As The Stuff You Can See

No Sacramento reupholstery job is complete unless special attention is paid to the furniture’s frame and glue-joints. Classic and antique furniture gets a little wobbly with age (just like the folks who own it). So, before the piece is reupholstered, the frame and joints may need to be secured.

Our Sacramento furniture repair and reupholstering professionals can clean, re-dowel, and re-glue all loose joints to ensure the frame and legs are firm, rigid, and ready to provide you with years of reliable comfort. If there are fractures or breaks anywhere on the piece, our Sacramento reupholstery team will take the time to talk to you about what work is recommended to ensure the overall structural integrity of your furniture. With your approval, we will then do the necessary repairs to make it ready for reupholstery.

Your furniture’s springs may need attention, as they tend to work loose with age. If you want to modernize the feel of your furniture, we will show you our selection of custom spring units that can be installed before the reupholster work is done. We also offer rewebbing and retying of the springs in your furniture.

When we remove the old fabric from your piece and evaluate the condition of your furniture, we will determine if any of these services are necessary. With your approval, we will professionaly handle all repairs using traditional Sacramento upholstery techniques.

We can also apply a fabric coating on your new upholstery that helps fabric repel stains and liquids. This coating gives your fabric a longer lifespan, making it easier to clean when needed.

We Also Offer Furniture Refinishing

One of the reasons Sacramento home and business owners trust us with their furniture is because we are a full service reupholstering and refinishing company doing all of our work in-house. Our professional staff hand strips all wood surfaces, and brings the same traditional approach to every piece we restore.

If we work on an antique sofa with natural wood surfaces, our Sacramento professionals can refinish and reupholster the entire piece in our shop from start to finish. We can also restore your dressers, tables, chairs, desks, sofas, and any other piece of furniture in your home or office.

Ask About Our Senior Discounts – Call For Your Free In-Home Estimate Today

If you’re a senior citizen living in the Sacramento area, ask about our special discounts. We value our senior customers and like to show our appreciation by recognizing their unique needs.

If you as a Sacramento home owner or renter recognize the value of quality furniture, made in an era when craftsmanship was expected, let us bring the same skill and artistry to your reupholster and restoration. Call us today and schedule an appointment for a free estimate, and let Sacramento’s most trusted reupholstery company give your furniture new life.